Business Hand Lifts

Every hand lift is of robust design and construction, ensuring your dumbwaiter will give years of trouble free service with no breakdowns due to power failure.

Our manual lifts are custom built, manufactured in our London factory and usually available on a 4 week delivery.

These hand power lifts can be installed anywhere in the UK by our own experienced engineers, however are also suitable for installation by local manpower. In this instance, the manual lift will be provided complete with detailed drawing and fixing instructions.

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Two styles available

Low running costs

Made to measure

Load capacity can be varied

Utmost reliability

Economical to purchase

Urgent delivery needs can be met

Could be installed by local labour

Four easy steps to a new service lift
Step 1:
Give us a call, following which we will produce a quotation subject to survey. At this time a provisional drawing could be provided to enable a builder to cost for his aspect of the works.
Step 2:
If our quotation is acceptable a survey date will be arranged. Following the survey the details of the lift will be agreed, with respect to optional finishes etc., and an order placed. Builders Work drawings will be produced for approval.
Step 3:
Once the necessary preparation works have been carried out by the builder, the lift is delivered to site, unloaded by our engineers and installation takes place. Handover is made to the site supervisor.
Step 4:
An After Sales Pack will be forwarded along with maintenance contract proposals.
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The Battersea H1 handpower service lift is for the carriage of small items, usually between 2 or 3 levels. It serves at waist level at all floors and is operated by pulling a continuous rope.

An automatic brake is incorporated and has a simple counterweight system ensuring minimum of effort is needed.


Normally 25 kg or 50 kg capacity, but can be increased to 100 kg.

The standard lift car is manufactured from timber and internally finished in white melamine. Many finishes available, stainless steel or laminated wood grain being a popular choice.

Solid blockboard bi-parting landing shutters are fitted, primed finish, for finish painting by others. Manufactured to suit customer’s requirements, a multitude of finishes available, such as stainless steel or even glass panelled.


Landing entrances can be incorporated at front and back or adjacent sides if required.

The Builder’s Work necessary for this lift involves cutting the hole through the floor/s; forming the enclosure from timber stud or blockwork; finish painting of landing shutters; provision of lift base and machine compartment access doors.

This lift is ideal where small light goods need to be moved and therefore the perfect selection for a small restaurant where food needs to be transported from a kitchen to the restaurant eating area.


The Battersea H2 handpower platform lift is the most economically priced lift for transporting medium weight goods.

Most popular in public houses, clubs and off-licenses for restocking bottled beer and minerals from a cellar. In fact for any retail outlet, where stock is stored on anything other than the retail floor.


This hand lift is operated by a winding handle at the lower level. We offer protection at that floor in the form of a wire mesh enclosure. The lift operates through a pair of flaps in the floor above. The flaps can be automatically opened with a lifting hoop fitted to the platform top.

The serving height at the bottom floor is approximately 650mm. For floor level service a pit would need to be excavated. At the upper level the lift stops at floor level.


Normally 150kg capacity with recommended standard dimensions for the platform. These sizes can be varied. Any increase in the area of the platform will necessitate reduction in the carrying capacity.

Entrances at the lower level can be at either front or back or both. At the upper floor the loading direction can be on any side so long as the style of the flaps permit.

Builder’s Work involves forming the hole in the floor; providing fire rated floor flaps; enclosing the lift at the lower level (an option to our standard steel mesh enclosure); excavation of a lift pit if required.

These lifts fully comply with the requirements of British Standards BS 5655 Part 14. Builder’s Work drawings will be provided with both these models.
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