Frequently Asked Questions

Q I have been told hand lifts are illegal, is this true?
A - No, certainly not, there is a current British/European Standard for this particular purpose.

Q Do I need to get a special electric supply into my house if I want a service lift?
A - Most lifts are available to operate from a normal single phase domestic supply.

Q Do I need planning permission before fitting a lift?
A - It is always best to speak to the Local Authority before fitting a lift. Planning permission will always be required if the lift shaft is built as an external add-on and if the building is Listed.

Q I have an unusual shaped space and the ceiling height at the top floor is very low, can I buy a lift to fit?
A - As well as a range of standard lifts we can also offer custom built which will overcome most limitations.

Q An inspector from my local council has asked for a LOLER certificate for my service lift, what is this?
A - A certificate in accordance with the ‘Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations’ proves the equipment is safe to use. It is a legal requirement and necessary to renew every 12 months for any service lift. We offer this as part of our service contracts for no additional charge.

Q I have a Microlift fitted and I do not know who installed it, can you still service and repair it for me?
A - We are a company specialising in the maintenance and repair of most makes of service lift and would be quite capable of looking after the majority of service lift equipment.

Q I am looking for a handpower service lift for my house/business and I am based in Scotland, are you able to help me?
A - Yes, we can provide handpower lifts, complete with simple installation instructions. We would be able to put you in touch with a local lift company for subsequent servicing.

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