Maintenance / Servicing / Repair

Maintenance and Servicing

servicingEveryone would always like their service lift to be always operating reliably and to function forevermore without attention. In an ideal world this would be the case but some parts eventually wear out and other parts deteriorate if not oiled or cleaned etc.

Our regular preventative maintenance contract is imperative to enable one of our skilled lift engineers to make adjustments and foresee potential problems, thus keeping the lift operating in peak condition and optimum reliability.

In the interests of safety, both to lift users and lift maintenance personnel, adjustments to the equipment or servicing of the lift must only be carried out by trained lift technicians. Incorrect procedures may affect lift safety and performance, shorten component life and invalidate equipment guarantee.

In a business premises it is a legal requirement to ensure that you always retain a current Certificate of Safety (LOLER) for your lift. You may either pay your insurers to carry out this inspection or we would be pleased to incorporate this certification into our maintenance schedule without additional charge.

Our engineers can attend by appointment, if required, minimising any disturbance. We have a team of engineers at your call should a breakdown occur, ensuring a speedy return to service. Each engineer is fully trained and has many years practical experience.

A 24 hour callout service is available for customers holding current maintenance contracts.

Focusing solely on service lifts our engineers would not be diverted from your call to attend emergency passenger lift breakdowns as is a priority for most other lift companies.

Repairs and Refurbishment

We offer a full repair and refurbishment service whether the lift is under contract or not.

With contract customers our engineers will report any urgent repairs necessary, at the time of carrying out a service visit, this will avoid unnecessary additional cost of a breakdown. Often these are small items and the parts are carried by the engineer. We can price these at the time of our visit.

Should the repair works be more extensive or a refurbishment required a quotation will be issued.

For non-contract customers, a survey for repair or refurbishment of any make of service lift is offered without obligation. This can very often be undertaken free of charge, subject to site location.
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