BKG Lift (Under Bar)

This BKG service lift has been specifically designed to fulfil a need.

Ideal for retail outlets that require stock to be transferred from a store below to an upper trading level without extending up above a serving counter height.

Quality components combine to provide a proven, reliable and efficient under-bar lift. These BKG dumbwaiters are offered with a competitive cost and lead time.

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Low headroom for under bar / counter service

Two lift entrance directions available

100 kg capacity

Single phase or three phase

Minimum Builder’s Work

Quality German engineering

Short delivery period

Four easy steps to a new service lift
Step 1:
Give us a call, following which we will produce a quotation subject to survey. At this time a provisional drawing could be provided to enable a builder to cost for their aspect of the works.
Step 2:
If our quotation is acceptable a survey date will be arranged. Following the survey the details of the lift will be agreed, with respect to optional finishes etc., and an order placed. Builders Work drawings will be produced for approval.
Step 3:
Once the necessary preparation work, has been carried out by the builder, the lift is delivered to site, unloaded by our engineers and installation takes place. Initial handover is made to the site supervisor.
Step 4:
Once the Builders Work has been confirmed as complete, our engineers will revisit the site to commission the lift and demonstrate the operation. An After Sales Pack will be forwarded along with maintenance contract proposals
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Further details:

This BKG lift has been cleverly designed to incorporate a waist height service entrance downstairs and a floor level service entrance upstairs.
At the lower level a bi-parting shutter is fitted, the motor compartment is accommodated beneath this entrance. The upper entrance is in the form of a hinged door, under the counter, at floor level. This combination minimises the space usually required above the lift.

These BKG service lifts can have up to 2 entrance loading directions. These can be either both at front or front and back. We highly recommend that all entrances to the lift car are fitted with either a roller shutter or a drop bar. Drop bars are only suitable when boxed components are being moved.

The standard finish for the landing doors, lift car and machine room door is galvanised or zintec. Alternatively stainless steel or primed finishes are available.

Most industrial premises operate from a three phase electric supply, however smaller properties frequently have only single phase available. Where single phase is the only available supply, the three phase motor can be fitted with an inverter.

These under-bar lifts have a standard capacity of 100kg, however if a single phase motor is required then the capacity will be reduced to 50kg.

Manufactured in the centre of the German industrial heartland, BKG Service Lifts really are the high quality, well-engineered product that you would expect from a German based manufacturer.

Despite the purpose built nature of this BKG model, it is nevertheless on a quick delivery, available in only 5 – 6 weeks.

Each service lift will be provided with a site specific Builder’s Work drawing detailing works required prior to and after installation. A full electrical specification is incorporated.

Builder’s Work necessary involves forming the required size opening through the floor; running an electric power supply to the lift shaft; cladding the lift following installation to comply with Local Authority requirements.

The need to satisfy the requirements and minimise the risks associated with Manual Handling and Health and Safety at Work legislation is fulfilled by these BKG lifts.

This BKG model is most commonly used in bars, public houses, nightclubs and shops.
In some circumstances it would be suitable for libraries, doctor’s surgeries, hotels and premises where goods need to be transported form a basement storage area to a ground floor retail outlet.

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