Microlift - (Waist Level)

By choosing a small lift from this popular and proven range of Microlifts, there will be many advantages.

This service lift, frequently referred to as a dumb waiter lift, is speedily installed, normally 1–2 days, and fitted in a steel structure to minimise Builders Work. These small lifts are available in a wide selection of sizes and with a choice of finishes .

A Microlift is economic in price, a stock item for a quick delivery, with spare parts readily available.

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Wide range of sizes

50 or 100 kg capacity

Many alternative entrance directions

Single phase or three phase

Perfect selection for economy

Minimum Builders Work

Fulfils an urgent delivery requirement

Popular household addition

Four easy steps to a new service lift
Step 1:
Give us a call, following which we will produce a quotation subject to survey. At this time a provisional drawing could be provided to enable a builder to cost for their aspect of the works.
Step 2:
If our quotation is acceptable a survey date will be arranged. Following the survey the details of the lift will be agreed, with respect to optional finishes etc., and an order placed. Builders Work drawings will be produced for approval.
Step 3:
Once stage 1, the necessary preparation work, has been carried out by the builder, the lift is delivered to site, unloaded by our engineers and installation takes place. Initial handover is made to the site supervisor.
Step 4:
Once Stage 2 of the Builders Work has been confirmed as complete, our engineers will revisit the site to commission the lift and demonstrate the operation. An After Sales Pack will be forwarded along with maintenance contract proposals
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Further details:

The Microlift range is designed to serve at waist level, ideally suitable for the loading of small carried items. The entrance doors for these lifts are vertical sliding bi-parting shutters. Various sizes are available, with either a 50kg or 100kg capacity making this type of service lift an ideal choice for many purposes.

The 100 kg models are also available for floor level serving and fitted with single hinged landing doors.

The many options for the entrance positions, up to 3 different directions, means this versatile Microlift range minimises building and design costs.

The Microlift landing entrances and lift cars are available in a grey baked enamel finish, which is very hard wearing. Alternatively a stainless steel finish can be offered to provide the most easily cleaned surface for food use. The lift shutters / doors carry a 2 hour fire certificate.

Most industrial premises operate from a three phase electric supply, however smaller properties frequently have only single phase available. These small lifts can be manufactured to suit either situation.

This range of service lifts is economically produced enabling us to provide an extremely affordable unit for many purposes.

For each Microlift we will provide a site specific Builder’s Work drawing and two information sheets. These will detail works required prior to and after installation. A full electrical specification is incorporated.

Builder’s Work necessary involves forming the required size opening through each floor; running an electric power supply to the lift shaft; enclosing the lift following installation to comply with Local Authority requirements; supplying and fitting machine compartment access doors.

These lifts are manufactured in quantity and held in stock in all sizes and finishes. This enables us to meet an urgent delivery requirement.

The Microlift fulfils the need to satisfy the requirements and minimise the risks associated with Manual Handling and Health and Safety at Work legislation.

In short, there is a Microlift for every need. Ideal for use in restaurants and bars, shops, public houses, offices, libraries, doctors surgeries, residential properties, warehouses, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, nurseries, nightclubs, airports and golf clubs.

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