Our manual lifts are custom built, manufactured in our London factory and usually available on a four-week delivery schedule.

Low running costs and exceptional reliability make these a popular choice for business owners. Our hand power lifts offer years of trouble-free service and no risk of breakdowns due to power failure.

The Battersea H2 is ideal for transportation of goods to and from cellars and manually operated by a turn-handle.

The Battersea H2 handpower platform lift is an economically priced lift for transporting medium weight goods

This manual cellar hoist is the popular option in bars, pubs, clubs and off-licenses for restocking bottles from a cellar.

Operated by a winding handle at the lower level and incorporating a self-sustaining brake. The lift operates through a pair of flaps in the floor above which can be automatically opened with a lifting hoop fitted to the platform top.

The bottom floor entrance can be at waist-level height or level with the floor if a pit is excavated. At the top floor, the platform raises through a floor flap, the platform can stop at floor level or raise to a waist level height.

Battersea H2 Business Lift

Capacity: The lift capacity is 150kg.

Dimensions: Sizes to suit a variety of dimensions and can be customised to fit, however an increase in the area of the platform will necessitate a reduction in the carrying capacity.

Entrances: An entrance at the lower level can be at either front or back (or both). At the upper floor the loading direction can be on any side (depending on the style of flaps).

Platform: The steel constructed platform is raised and lowered by an easily operated geared winch.

Enclosure: We offer a wire mesh enclosure for the lower level.

Builder’s Work: The necessary builder’s work for this lift includes;

  • Forming the hole in the floor
  • Providing fire rated floor flap/s
  • Enclosing the lift at the lower level (an option to our standard steel mesh enclosure)
  • Excavation of a lift pit if required.

This lift fully complies with the requirements of British Standards BS 5655 Part 14.